Ana McTaggart

Ana completed her undergraduate work at UMass Amherst in theoretical computer science. Ana was a math and computer science major, with minors in sustainable food/farming, and physics. In graduate school, Ana focused on systems research, from both a theoretical and applied angle.

Ana's work focused on data confidentiality, privacy, and security within the context of operating systems and storage systems. Ana's interests include data privacy, steganography and deniability, oblivious computation and storage, access pattern recognition, and secure secret splitting. Ana has worked extensively on the background, theoretical underpinnings, and system design for the deniable file system.

Ana's current focus is oblivious storage, specifically, LSM-Tree Structured Oblivious RAM, with the goal of making oblivious RAM practical and widely used. Ana has mentored many undergraduates in research, on topics such as foiling facial recognition, detecting IMSI catchers, and doing statistical analysis of write patterns on disk.